"Following exhausted efforts, we were pleased to eventually meet up with IDENTITY DUBAI who had a clear knowledge and understanding of our requirements.

The dedication and input from their team who was tremendous, thus giving us a precise and practical website to be proud of. Thank You."

C.Cholet | Establisher/Owner | ICL Inspectorate - Dubai, UAE

"Identity Dubai designed and constructed our new website, helping us to change the corporate image and logo at the same time.
Working with them was always a pleasure and their responsive, professional approach allowed us to achieve our goals. We are delighted with the result."

A. Moore - Executive Director | Chescor Capital
Investment Banking | Dubai - UAE & London - UK


"I would recommend Identity Dubai to any business, particularly a professional services firm that is looking to plan its growth and create its position within the marketplace."

Elite Dome | Real Estate | Dubai - UAE


"Identity Dubai provides a highly professional creative approach to all of our communications projects, executed on time and with a high level of expertise."

M. Akili | CEO | Beyond Travel | Travel & Tourism | Jeddah - KSA.


"The project has been widely acknowledged as a success and we are indebted to the quality of strategic thinking, professionalism and commitment shown by Identity Dubai / Web and Media throughout. We look forward to continuing to work with Fadi in the future."

T. Suto | Dynamech Design | Automation | IL., USA.


"It was only when - with the help of Identity Dubai - we began to understand the Estate in the context of the brands that it manages or is influenced by, that we were finally able to map out a sustainable way forward. The process was little short of a revelation and changed forever the way in which we approached our business."

M. Chaino | President | DEVISINC | Automation | IL., USA.


"The Identity Dubai team have done an excellent job of creating the first release of our project. Even though the project turned out to be more complex than expected, we have never heard a word of complaint from Identity Dubai team. Instead they strived harder to accomplish the task.

Quality of the final product was very high and met all expectations. Communication was superb. Identity Dubai will undoubtedly be our choice number one for any future project."

IMC | Business Services | Dubai - UAE.


"Identity Dubai delivers a knockout performance every single time! They have what it takes in the global economy to bring your company to the top! What is even better… You get a Porsche for the price of a Honda. It does not matter where they are… Identity Dubai is truly a company that you can count on for un-compromising and un-surpassed world-class service!"

S. Garabedian | 360 Orientation Management Consultants |
Business Services | Berne - Switzerland.


"Throughout the project, we were impressed by Identity Dubai’s professionalism, prompt communication, and genuine concern for customer satisfaction. More impressive is the fact that the entire project was coordinated via email and within the agreed upon budget.

We will, without a doubt, choose Identity Dubai to handle all of our future graphic design needs. We emphatically recommend that you do the same and welcome any questions you may have!"

Consult IT | Services | Hamburg - Germany.

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