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We explore the philosophy and process behind designing a logo along with the importance of corporate identity and the different stages in a typical logo creation project. By establishing a solid conceptual grounding for pursuing a visual identity.

From both a marketing and graphics perspective, we address the challenge of professional logo design and branding impact to cover the important concepts as corporate identity, image, branding, and repositioning, with reference to intriguing a range of challenges that meet the most vague project briefs.

The peak of our skills are utilized in designing logos, marketing materials, and advertising programs to establish and promote successful corporate identities. Case studies focus on medium to giant corporations and how we helped establish their corporate images and business strategically. The involvement is in designing or redesigning corporate identities for both the existing companies and the newly established businesses as well.

We reveal the rules of advertising from both a creative and a business perspective. Go through our Case studies from print, Web, and advertising concepts and visualize our methods of persuasion, color psychology and composition, copywriting and typography, and brand communication.

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We as well extend our creative designs to Arabic Calligraphy and Arabic logo designs such as the following set of submitted logo options:

Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4.

Please checkout as well our Detailed Case Studies section.

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